Monday, April 18, 2016

Define the following terms with example :

Define the following terms with example :

(i) Symbols : A "symbol" is an abstract entity that we shall not define formally, just as "point" and "line" are not defined geometry

Example : a,b,c etc are alphabetical symbols, 1,2,3 etc are numerical symbols.

(ii) Strings : A string is a finite sequence of symbols chosen from some alphabet.

Example : 01101 is a string from the binary alphabet Summestion = {0,1}

(iii) Empty String : The empty string is the string with zero occurrences of symbols. This string denoted e, is a string that may be chosen from any alphabet. Thus |E| = 0.

(iv) Length of a string : The length of a string W, denoted |W| , is the number of symbols composing the string 

Example : abcd has length 4.